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How to Decide If You Need a Prenuptial Agreement

You found the person you think might be the one, and you’re ready to tie the knot. But amid plans for a beautiful cake and reception, should you consider more practical matters like a prenuptial agreement? A “prenup” is a written contract that both sides have agreed upon. It’s drawn up by a family attorney … Continue reading “How to Decide If You Need a Prenuptial Agreement”

Life After Bankruptcy: 4 Ways To Recover And Thrive

Many people today survive on credit. Even if they’re not living on credit cards, they’re living in houses they bought on credit (and are still paying off the mortgage), and they’re also paying for cars they bought on credit. Many people also have businesses that rely on revolving credit. For people whose lifestyle depends on … Continue reading “Life After Bankruptcy: 4 Ways To Recover And Thrive”

Paying Your Overdue Debts Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful

When interest rates are low, people jump on the opportunity to take out a personal or business loan. For example, after the 2008 financial crisis, interest rates were next to nothing and were not significantly increased until 2015. This extended period of time has given people a long time to pay off their existing debts … Continue reading “Paying Your Overdue Debts Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful”

Think Twice About Carrying Weapons On Your Person

During the 2015 fiscal year, the Justice Department statistics show that the government reported 6,002 new weapons convictions. This is a decrease of 5.8 percent from the previous fiscal year. This number is down from 7,101 convictions five years ago and has dropped by 34.8% since 2005. Those numbers may be on the decline, but … Continue reading “Think Twice About Carrying Weapons On Your Person”

When Does Legal Separation Make More Sense Than Divorce?

When there’s long-term strife in a marriage, and one or both individuals decide it will be better to part ways, most people assume that divorce is the only option. But legal separation can also be placed on the table, and may actually make more sense in certain situations. Knowing when to pursue separation over divorce … Continue reading “When Does Legal Separation Make More Sense Than Divorce?”

3 Smart Ways to Fight a DUI Charge

If you’ve been charged with a DUI, then you may be feeling alone and helpless. Not only are your reputation and career potentially on the line, but you could also be facing substantial fines and mandatory classes. The impending ordeal is enough to overwhelm even the most optimistic person, but there’s good news. In order … Continue reading “3 Smart Ways to Fight a DUI Charge”

Know Your Rights: 8 Things to Know About Debt Collectors

If you have outstanding, unpaid balances, it’s standard practice for organizations to call in a debt collection service. These services will contact you about repaying the debt. Often, it can be a cordial and professional encounter, but at other times they might use scare tactics to get what they want. Some debt collectors even take … Continue reading “Know Your Rights: 8 Things to Know About Debt Collectors”

Child Custody: A Father’s Rights

One of the most stressful situations a parent can go through is fighting to gain custody of their children. The process is often time consuming, costly, and exhausting for both the parents and the kids. Although fathers can love their children just as much as their mothers, it’s fathers who often have the hardest time … Continue reading “Child Custody: A Father’s Rights”

Separation of Assets During a Divorce

Getting a divorce is a stressful experience nobody expects to go through, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. In addition to experiencing the emotional stress from the end of a relationship, you’ll both have to figure out (and agree on) what you’re going to do with all of your stuff. The amount and value of assets accumulated … Continue reading “Separation of Assets During a Divorce”

What to Do If You’re Falsely Accused of a Crime

The justice system labors to put the bad people in jail and protect the good, but that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, people are wrongfully accused of a crime, and they can serve hard time if the steps leading up to trial aren’t handled properly. No one is immune from false accusations, large or small. It … Continue reading “What to Do If You’re Falsely Accused of a Crime”