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What a Drug Conviction Could Mean for Your Future

Many people underestimate what a drug conviction could mean for their future. A lot of people only think about the short-term consequences of a conviction, such as a few nights spent in jail, a small fine, or a year on probation. These legal penalties don’t seem like the end of the world, right? For some, … Continue reading “What a Drug Conviction Could Mean for Your Future”

Types of Child Custody in Indiana

Parents who share children together—whether they are married or not—will need to decide upon a custody arrangement should they decide to part ways. It is not a requirement for the parents to disclose their agreement with the courts, but if they are unable to come to a reasonable understanding, then the family law court may … Continue reading “Types of Child Custody in Indiana”

Can Mental Illness Impact Your Custody Battle?

Consider this: in any given year, a quarter of Americans qualify for a diagnosis of mental illness. For some, this is a passing bout of depression, while for others mentalillness is a serious, lifelong experience that can impact their ability to hold a job or participate in the community. But regardless of an individual’s diagnosis, … Continue reading “Can Mental Illness Impact Your Custody Battle?”

Making Sense Of Post-Nuptial Agreements

In the U.S., we’re familiar with prenuptial agreements … at least, we’ve heard about them often enough. We speculate over what celebrities have addressed in their pre-nups and sometimes we sign them ourselves. Even millennials are jumping on the pre-nup bandwagon. But what happens if you skipped the premarital agreement and later decide that having … Continue reading “Making Sense Of Post-Nuptial Agreements”

Rethinking Custody: When Divorce Includes a Disabled Child

  Some people believe that parents of disabled children divorce more often than other parents. It’s a myth, but, as happens in any kind of marriage, divorces happen. What happens when parents have to make the decision about custody of their disabled child? In most divorce cases, the judge will award joint physical custody, but … Continue reading “Rethinking Custody: When Divorce Includes a Disabled Child”