Child Custody

Making The Right Decisions In Your Child Custody Case

Divorce and separation have a major impact on all aspects of life — including your children. One of the biggest challenges in these cases is making sure your children’s needs are met going forward.At Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm P.C. in Terre Haute, Indiana, we understand the difficulties, stress and worries that go along with child custody cases. Our goal is to make the process as smooth as possible. Applying more than three decades of combined experience, our lawyers will help you navigate the many decisions that arise in these cases. We can equip you with the information you need to make wise decisions on how to move forward.

What To Expect

Just as every family is unique, so, too, is every custody case. Depending on your situation, you may take any number of paths to resolve custody issues. For example, you might pursue negotiation or mediation to try work out a custody arrangement outside of court. If these methods don’t work, or aren’t appropriate for your situation, then both parties will present their case to the judge at a contested hearing or trial.

When you meet with our team, you can discuss which path makes the most sense for your case. Our lawyers have extensive experience handling mediation, negotiation and trials, so you can rest assured that your case is in good hands, no matter which process you pursue.

We handle all stages of the custody process: from the initial determination to subsequent modifications and requests for relocations. We also provide guidance on grandparents’ rights.

Protecting The Best Interests Of Your Children

Regardless of which path your case takes, one overarching principle will influence the outcome: the best interests of your children. Many factors go into determining what custody and visitation arrangement will be in your children’s best interests. Because these factors are so case-specific, there are rarely any black-and-white answers. Our attorneys will undertake a detailed assessment of your situation to identify favorable factors and build a strong case.