Terre Haute Mediation Lawyer

Mediation is a legal process that can be used to achieve mutually satisfactory solutions to various issues surrounding divorce. Mediation can often achieve these results more efficiently and with less cost and stress to the parties than other methods. It may be in your best interest to contact a Terre Haute Mediation Lawyer.

A Terre Haute Mediation Lawyer atRowdy Williams Law Firm can help you determine if mediation is the right tool to use in your situation. If it is, we can represent you throughout the mediation process with the aim of achieving your objectives.


Mediation is often used as a dispute resolution method when negotiation has not yielded results. In the mediation process, a neutral mediating attorney guides a discussion with the aim of uncovering areas of agreement and disagreement in order to reach solutions to outstanding problems. Each party is represented by an attorney who can protect their client’s interests. For those residing in Indiana going through a divorce, a Terra Haute meditation lawyer can help guide you through the mediation process.

One or both of the parties to the divorce may be present during the discussion, but can choose not to participate. Mediation can be used to resolve any or all of the issues in a divorce including child custody and visitation, spousal maintenance, and property division. At any time the parties can choose to stop the mediation process and seek to resolve their disagreements through negotiation or litigation. If mediation is right for you, one of our Terra Haute family lawyers can provide a skilled and knowledgeable representation in the mediation process in order to achieve your goals.